The Harrier Season

Our first few run/walks are generally low key road races leading up to the Rotorua Marathon (for people who are competing in it) during which the club handicapper can get some idea of runners abilities. From May to July we run cross country. The club’s cross country course is on the Putuaki Trust Farm with access from McKee road at East gate. The course is a 2 and 3 km loop with combinations of each to give running distances.A small proportion of the cross country events are handicap races which give everyone an equal chance of winning. Points from handicap races are recorded towards the club points trophy.

The cross country events end with the Club Champs which are held in Kawerau combined with the Whakatane Club.

Road running starts at the end of July. Again there are handicap points running throughout the season. The club road champs are held with the Whakatane Club.

Over the season we have six combined runs with Whakatane and one with Rotorua’s Lake city Club which provide some different surroudings and competition. During the season there are several Waikato Centre Events. The Redwood Forest Relay in Rotorua have developed as club trips and everyone is encouraged to come along.

We have a very active Junior section participating in their own events on a handicap system similar to the seniors.

Walkers are an integral part of the Kawerau club and take part in all events. We have walkers of all abilities with the main aim of members to enjoy themselves; get some exercise; and socialise.

As you can see from the attached programme there is a season of runs available for you to participate in. Whether you want to race, jog or walk we cater to everyone. You will get to know other runners and advice is always available about training.

If your interested come along and join us for a couple of runs and see what you think.