Kawerau King of the Mountain Race

2013 Mountain Race Saturday, 2 November 2013

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Not for the faint hearted. This is a gruelling 8 km race to the summit of Putauaki – 852 metres above sea level. Some athletes will complete this within an unbelievable 60 minutes. For others it is a chance to prove they can conquer the tough Putuaki climb and take up the challenge she presents. A true tough guy and girl event.

mount Mountain Race

The map show above, was produced by Howard Hyland, one of the outstanding race directors in the 1980’s. The map identifies way points which were reference points for the radio operators when reporting competitor positions (and accidents) during the race. Other race directors have included Dianne Wahlich (Soccer Club), Craig Ross (Sport Bay of Plenty) and, more recently, Dennis Jackson (Kawerau Harrier Club).

Race Records

MensBarry Prosser, 0:45:54, 1988
WomensMeagan Edhouse, 0:54:09, 1995