There are two Sub-60 clubs

START: Firmin Field. Total return run taking less than 60 min (‘Real sub-60′)

START: Prideaux Park. Run to the top in less than 60 min.

It was far more difficult to achieve membership of the first club. Here are some names of athletes who ran from Firmin Field. The author regrets not knowing the entire group and welcomes input from the public. This list displays the year of admission to the Club. The author would be interested in filling gaps and correcting errors fro earlier years. Please contact Craig McFarlane by email on

Pictured on the right is the great Barry Prosser, winner of the King of the Mountain an unbeaten number of times. Barry is on the descent, a very technical stage of the event. Prevention of broken limbs requires a high degree of concentration! There appears to be a wound on his right leg, possibly due to an argument with a rock or a sharp protuding branch.

These athletes would actually run up whereas the main body of competitors would run to the mountain and then walk/jog, grabbing any tree roots or foliage to assist with the ascent. Some would go up one or two days before hand and leave paint spots or other signs where their secret turn-offs were in order to bypass runners up ahead! Word has it that a well known race organiser would leave a can of beer near the top, ready for rapid consumption before the descent.

Sub – 60 Database of known athletes as at 1st

September 2005. Information is not yet available to the author. However, members would almost certainly have included Jim Chadwick, Mate Matich, Ted koia, Taipo Kajavala and Brian Stevenson.

1982 Peter Hancock, Roy McGregor
1983 Craig Pattie, C Taberer, Alex MacKenzie, P Wallensteen, Rod Sanson
1984 Peter Handcock, Malcom Taylor, Raymond Walker, Chris Ray, Bert
1985 Bruce Brooking, Winston Fleming, Kerry McCormick, Craig Pattie,
Barry Prosser, Chris Tait, Malcom Taylor, James Walker, Raymond Walker, Steve
Walker, Albert Waugh, Shane Webster, Shane Walker
1986 Neil Jones, Ken Knott, Wayne Smith, Rod Taylor, Tony Webber,
Winston Fleming, James Walker
1987 Brett Waghorn, Ron Adams, Shane Arnott, Graham Barralet, Lyndsay
Hope, Maureen Lawson, Ian Martin, Ian Sorrensen, Stephen Walker, Bruce
1988 Jason Blight, Leith Chick, Gary Dick, William Doney, Roger Griffin,
Steve Harpur, John Headford, Joe Heaver, Reg House, Rose Hyland, Ian Martin,
Chris Ray, Ashley Windsor, Dave Wright, Ian Treloar, Campbell MacKinnon, Neil
Jones, Tony Webber, Maureen Lawson, Ron Adams
1989 Paul Dwyer, Lyndsay Fake, Stephen Hartley, Dara Johnston, Bill
Kewish, Arthur Klapp, Ray Lichwark, Andrew Ross, Ronald Young, Martin Zink,
Stewart Bell, William Doney, Leith Chick, Ian Treloar, Shane Arnott, Dave
Wright, Ron Long, Ken Knott, Martin Zink
1990 Craigh Gebert, Ross Hope, Brent Heighbour, Kerry Stewart, Michael
Todd, Peter Charman, Graham Barralet, Rodger Griffin, Stewart Bell, Raymond
Lightwark, Joe Heaver
1991 Max Gawler, Andrew Wilson, Kerry Stewart
1992 JUNE Andrew Ross, Brent Neighbour, Karl Martin, Mike Todd, Dave
Chambers, Trevor Lockley
1992 OCT Karl Martin, Dean Sisson, Christopher Morrissey, Brian Adams,
Trevor Armstrong
1993 Mathew Klauder, Simon Forster, Willow Lala’o, Neil Matich, Trevor
1994 Darren Minchin, Stuart Lynch, Meagan Edhouse
1995 Aaron Strong, Wayne Atkins, Mitchell Dean, Michael Aish, Hayden
Prosser, Mathew Smith, Graeme Shaw, Liam Cole, Warwick Godfrey, Peter Novak,
Colin Hurren, Meagan Edhouse
1996 No new names
1997 no new names
Gap 1997 – 2003: races started from Prideaux Park
Michael Wakelin, Jim Robinson, Neil Labinsky, Rhys Brooking,
Stephen Smith, Tony Smith, Ben Holland, Daniel Jones, Aaron Murrihy, James
Gresham, Chris Morrisssey
2005 Chris Morrissey, Daniel Jones, Sebastian Murrihy Barry
Prosser,Aaron Murrihy,  Neil Jones Gary Schwass, Kris Mortenson William Doney
2006 Chris Morrissey, Brad Smith, Daniel Jones, Neil Labinsky, Sjors
Corporaal, Gary Schwass, Neil Jones
2007 Chris Morrissey, Daniel Jones, Neil Labinsky, Sjors
Corporaal, Mark Williams, Sam Clark, Gary Schwass, Grant Gilbert
2008 Sjors Corporaal, Daniel Jones, Neil Labinsky, Shay
Williamson, Sam Clark, Brendan Fenwick, Gary Schwass, Colin Earwaker
2009 Chris Morrissey, Sjors Corporaal, Gary Clunie, Neil
Labinsky, Dennis De Monchy, Shay Williamson, Sam Clark, Bradley Jones, Gary
Schwass, Colin Earwaker, Barry Prosser
2010 Sgors Corporal, Shay Williamson, Chris Morrissey, Sam Clark, Teimen Corporal, Brad Jones, Kris Mortenson, Phillip Saidais, Gary Schwass, Brendan Fenwick, Karen Hanlen, Gordon Townsend
2011 Shay Williamson, Sgors Corporal, Chris Morrissey, Colin Earwaker, Kris Mortenson, Barry Prosser